Clearwater Dolphin Picks Chiefs to Win the Big Game-Does He Need Glasses?

Nick, one of the resident rescued dolphins at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium picks the winner for the Big Game every year, and so far has been 6 for 6. He swims across his indoor water home and touches his nose to the football with the team's logo that he thinks should win, and yes, he picked the Kansas City Chiefs last year.

Well, something smells fishy to us Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Is Nick used to touching his nose on one side of the body over another? Was the football oiled and slathered in fishy smells? Or is Nick just inflating the Kansas City Chiefs' hopes?

We still love Nicholas! And Tampa Bay and Clearwater are the real winners here, because the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is there and dolphin fans can come see Nick and his dolphin buddies all year round.