My Grandma Passed A Week Ago - and I've Found New Life

It's been a week since my Grandma passed away. I've been coping well with it - and accepting of it. She had a bountiful life, almost making it to her 95th birthday.

Her death has renewed a sense of life within me... because it goes to prove we are not immortal. We all have that dreaded "end date". There's a commercial I hear every now and then - "Life is about the dash - the symbol between the date you are born, and the day you die."

Many times we become so wrapped up with working, and maintaining our lives - we truly forget to LIVE our lives. Are there any hopes, wishes, or dreams you had back then that you forgot about? Why not take some time to make some dreams a reality? Whether it be a trip, or doing something just for yourself... because you are worth it!

People always say "our days are numbered" --- and it's true, the older we get - the more valuable our days become to us. I personally fear looking back and thinking to myself I did not do enough. I want to PUSH ahead... and live my life the way it was intended to be lived.

For the last five to six years, most of my weekends were spent up in Hernando, visiting her at the nursing home. This past weekend, I felt a void in my life... like that missing puzzle piece. I know it's time to move on and find new life for me... another piece to add to the life of James. New experiences to find, more people to meet and add into my life circles. I know everyone has dealt with a death close to them... and I typically have a habit of keeping things inside... so this time, I didn't.

This is the Tribute I made for my Grandmother...

James Burlander

James Burlander

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