Do This With Your Fingers To Determine If You May Have Cancer

Have you ever heard of or tried this trick before?

I didn't know about this, but I've learned I can use my hands to discover if I have any respiratory tumors.According to Emma Norton, an oncology nurse adviser, says the simple trick is to place your nails of your index fingers together making the top of a heart.

A mjority A majority of people see a diamond-shaped gap between the nails.

However, if this is missing, it's a sign of finger clubbing.

This is an unusual symptom that occurs in 35% of lung-cancer patients.

Norton says, "The test is used by medical professionals as a partial method of confirming conditions, but you can also do the test yourself, and it only takes a few seconds."

Try it - but if you are seriously unsure about any results, please see a professional doctor.

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