Women Find Men Less Attractive When They Hold Cats

I'm not saying women post ALL the cat content you see online. But they're kind of the target market. So this just seems unfair . . .

A new study found women find men less attractive if THEY'RE into cats.

Researchers at Colorado State University took photos of various men . . . one by themselves, and one of them holding a cat.

Then over 700 women rated the photos. And when men were holding cats, they were seen as less masculine AND less datable.

It applied to both short-term and long-term relationship potential. So they were less datable across the board. And they were seen as "more neurotic" when holding a cat.

There was one key demographic that didn't care though. Women who described themselves as a "cat person" were just as likely to say a guy was datable, whether he was holding a cat or not.

In other words, it didn't hurt their chances with women who love cats. But it also didn't help. 

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