So Much Love After So Much Loss

You may remember about a year ago, my sister was gracious enough to share her very personal and very painful story of infertility and the decision to adopt after failed IVF treatments. Not surprisingly, the video touched thousands of people who reached out and wanted to thank her for making them feel like they weren't alone.

Countless people, desperate to experience the parenthood most of us take for granted, have spent tens of thousands of dollars on procedures that resulted in nothing more than heartache.

Just watching her go through each gut wrenching treatment was painful enough from the sidelines. When I think about what it must have been like to live it, I get choked up.

So when she allowed me sit her down and get her story on camera, I was honored and humbled by her bravery. She insisted on pushing through the interview in the hopes that it would give even one ounce of comfort to someone else.

This is the video I made for my 'Face of a Feminist' series shortly after she brought her daughter Charlie home.

(Warning: It's pretty emotional to watch if you're in the middle of the process right now)


Crying yet? I know. What a beautiful story.

Fast forward another year.

My sister was given yet another gift. Charlie's half-brother was born and the birth Mother allowed Luvi the right to decide if she wanted to adopt him.

That's exactly what she did.

It's a highly unique scenario that she didn't wait long to ponder. She and her husband are now the parents to a biological brother and sister.

And as you can guess, her family is beyond complete!

I share this story with you for two reasons.

One, I wanted to give hope to anyone struggling with infertility and feeling like giving up. Don't. As you saw in the video, sometimes it takes 10 years and a hundred thousand dollars. But, if that's what your heart's true desire is. If that's what you know you want out of life more than anything else in this entire world? Then never give up. Don't have that kind of money? Neither did she. Neither did her husband. They found it. They earned it. They begged, borrowed and stole it. You spend it little by little which means you find it little by little. Sell the car, work the holidays...whatever you have to do. Because when I see the joy on my sister's face when she holds her babies now, I am so thankful she never gave up working those extra hours as a hairstylist even when her hands were blistered and raw and bleeding.

I mean...couldn't you just die from cuteness??????????????????

The second reason I shared this is because I want to remind all of us biological parents, us 'fertile' ones, just how damn lucky we are.

We can NEVER FORGET IT. When our kids are screaming or being little you-know-whats...try to take a step back and laugh. You are the luckiest person in the world to be able to have a child scream at you. You have no idea (not even me) just what someone else would do to have the same opportunity.

Thank you, Luvi, for sharing your life with the world and making me a better, more gracious Mother in the process. I love you.

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