VIDEO: Crazy Turbulent Flight Sends Drink Cart Flying

No one likes a bumpy flight, but LA passengers bound for Seattle yesterday ended up making an emergency landing in Reno after hitting some very severe turbulence. We’re not talking just “bumpy”...we’re talking those heavy drinks carts flying, reports of the plane "taking a nose dive, twice" – and three people (two passengers and a flight attendant) – hospitalized after the incident.

"Compass Airlines flight 5763 operating as Delta Connection from Orange County, CA to Seattle diverted to Reno after encountering severe turbulence,” a statement from Compass Airlines’ parent company reads. “The aircraft landed safely and customers exited normally through the main cabin door. Delta is making resources available to take care of and support our customers. Customers will be refunded and accommodated on an alternate flight to Seattle."

No word on how many of those passengers took them up on their offer.

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