This Stuff Is Magic In A Bottle

Water stains/spots are my BIGGEST pet peeve when it comes to cleaning bathrooms. I'll spend 2 hours in one bathroom trying to get the grime and water spots off a shower door or discoloration off the shower floor. Eventually I started getting a cleaning lady and would end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars because they were the only ones who could get the water spots off. I even bought the same stuff they used "Soft Scrub" to try to recreate it and I could never do it like they could for some reason.

I've ruined so many clothes trying to use bleach and I can't even tell you how many times I've coughed up the good ol' fashioned Comet powder. NOTHING worked.

Then, one day I just threw this Bar Keepers Friend in the cart at Home Depot in an effort to try anything I could to figure out the way to get rid of water spots.

When I actually followed the directions on the back of it, the stuff was like MAGIC! In one minute flat, the water spots on everything were G-O-N-E!

Check out the legs of this shower stool!

I rubbed on the 'Bar Keepers Friend' with a damp sponge. Then rinsed it all off with water and wiped it with a dry paper towel... That's it! And look at the after...

If you're like "No DUH Laura I've been using this for years" then how have you not told me about this already!? How is this stuff not in EVERYONE'S house?

It's not like it's expensive or anything. Now, I've started to use it for just about anything. Ovens, fridge doors, granite counters...anything you put it on will shine like it never has before. But follow the directions or else it will cloud up.

Yet another UNsponsored product review from me. Is there any other miracle cleaning product I'm missing out on that I should know about? Been trying to save that money on a cleaning person so any tips would be great!

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