I Got Plastic Surgery: Before and After

About 10 years ago...I'll never forget...it was my wedding day and I was walking down the aisle wearing something that meant more to me than just the most expensive dress you'll ever wear on a day that you feel like a princess. I had flown ALL the way to Spain (where my family is from) to buy my wedding dress. I wanted to not just honor my culture, but I wanted to wear it. I went to Pronovias in Madrid and found the 'one'. I paired it with a traditional 'abanico' instead of a bouquet and topped it off with a red rose in my ear just like the beautiful, elegant flamenco dancers I had seen growing up.

And as I walked (bawling my eyes out) down that cobblestone corridor to my future husband, I looked down to hide the tears and noticed my nipples were actually visible from a bird's eye view because the bust of the dress was too big.

I sucked in some air so I could puff out my chest to fill in the gap and continued having the most memorable and significant day of my life.

I've always lost and gained weight in my chest first. Years of yo-yo diets haven't helped. And my breast size and shape has always been a point of insecurity for me. On my wedding day, it solidified it.

I never thought I'd be the type of person who would be vain enough to 'go under the knife' as they say...until I realized recently, there is no such thing as 'that type of person'. You either make a personal decision to get plastic surgery, or you don't. It doesn't mean you're any type of way at all.

I feared for years that getting a breast augmentation would make me seem vain or send the wrong message to my children. I feared it would make me less of a 'strong woman' or less of a role model. I feared spending money on something for my appearance would be selfish. I feared a lot of things until I finally just snapped out of it 10 years and two kids later and said to myself "You deserve this!".

The only message I'd be sending to my children is that Mommy is an independent, strong woman who makes choices about her own body without fearing what others might think. As far as the money, I've probably already spent 3 surgeries worth in bras and cutlets and outfits that fit an oddly shaped body. I had to buy expensive bras and then buy more and more and more as my weight went up and down along with my cup sizes...I bought bras when I was pregnant and then more when I was breastfeeding and then more when I stopped breastfeeding and that happened with TWO kids...

I was SO sick of my chest changing so much and my clothes having to change along with it. And most of all, I deserved it. As a Mom, I do A LOT for my family. I sacrifice things and nurture everyone around me all the time not just because it's my job as a Mother but because I'm happy to do so. But, I'm a big believer that if you don't splurge on yourself once in a while, you become resentful and therefore no good to anyone else.

And when the day came that I was ready to at least start asking around...I knew there was no turning back.

I had 3 consults and it wasn't until I met Dr. Eberbach, that I felt truly comfortable. He was gentle and kind and so experienced that I knew I was in good hands. They have you stand in front of this scanner and they take a true to scale 3D image of your body.

This way you can see in real time what you look like now and what you would look like (as best as digital bodies go).

Below you can see where I was on the left...and on the right was the 445 cc augmentation I had decided on after looking at about 100 real before and after photos of patients he'd done.

Leah is probably the one you'd sit down with if you went in for a consultation....She started as a patient herself and then of course...got lured in by the charm and compassion of Dr. Eberbach. She's been working for him for years now!

She was SO thorough. It was incredible. She really helped me decide on the best size for me and gave me so much information.

Then you have to decided between saline or silicone....More than 90% of people choose silicone these days. And then I had to choose which type of 'gummy' silicone I wanted...from soft to firm.

It's actually all really exciting and fun. At the consult I knew I was going to go ahead with it no matter what. I was so ready!

When I got to try on the bra with the implants in it, I knew it was the perfect size for me! THIS is what I had wanted for so many years. I wanted to look like a feminine woman with proportionate measurements. I felt so good!

I scheduled the surgery for a month and a half later. And I wasn't even nervous. Dr. E was so calming and reassuring.

I got the surgery on a Friday morning...and I was up and walking around and feeling great by Sunday.

In all, I only took off two days of work. I was back by Tuesday and honest to goodness it was not too soon. It was fine. I was off the pain meds and only taking Tylenol after just 3 days.

At first, when I came home, I freaked out because I was so swollen and even a little misshapen...but then....a week went by and BELOW...is what I saw when I had to shoot a video...

YAAAAAAAS! That's exactly what I wanted. Big, shapely, feminine breasts! Can you believe I'm NOT wearing a bra in this picture? Even though they will significantly lower over the next few weeks to months, I love them already.

I have no regrets. My kids barely noticed. My confidence and femininity has skyrocketed. My clothes fit properly. And my husband realized he is, in fact, a boob guy. lol