I Underestimated Dinosaur World

Born and raised in Orlando (only a little over an hour away), you'd think I'd at least have known a little about the semi-hidden gem that is Dinosaur World in Plant City.

I wouldn't have even know it existed if it weren't for the GIANT-true-to-life dinosaur figures lining the exit off the highway.

As I began to make more frequent trips to Tampa during the interview process, I noticed the sign and every single time I would tell myself, 'I have GOT to take my kids here some day.'

Fast forward 6 months and I finally got around to it. It was literally 19 minutes away from my new home.

I didn't know what to expect at 'Dinosaur World' and if I'm being honest, when I saw the admission for adults was $16.95, I wasn't expecting much.

I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. We didn't even make it out of the parking lot before seeing the cutest dino babies in eggs and it wasn't until after we took a picture that we realized they were trash receptacles!

You're greeted by dinos for photo ops before you even walk in the door! My daughter is 6 and my boy is 3 so they were in heaven from the second we arrived.

They had a playground...the cutest dino themed playground after you walk through the gift shop (try keeping your wallet closed through that place by the way) and there are true to life dino figures literally every where you turn!

Then I found out you could have birthday parties there and I already have my son's 4th planned out now!

An interesting tid bit I found out was that they do NOT have a snack bar of any kind. You can actually bring your own food and eat there on their picnic tables. I was shocked. I'm used to attractions trying to squeeze every penny out of you with their 10 dollar hotdogs and 6 dollar bottled waters so I was prepared to pay it...instead, I was almost happy that the option wasn't there.

I did see a vending machine for drinks but they only take cash, so heads up.

The photo ops are endless...that's mostly what you'll get but with small kids, it's perfect. No scary rides to try to convince them to go on. No lines. No walking for hours...it's a relatively small place...but it's full of every dino you could imagine complete with their names and info about them. Educational for sure.

You can feed the Koi fish and go mining for 'fossils' and gems too which is always a hit with young kids.

Another heads up, it's all outside, so bring an umbrella if it might rain and try to avoid the absolutely hottest times of the day. Although, it's just about 100 percent shaded by beautiful trees so the sun doesn't beam right on top of you.

Overall, worth it!

It's affordable. It's great for a half day out with the family and still have time to be home for a late lunch.

And another parent even told me, if you can get Grandma to take the kids through the park, you and your mate can escape to the winery next door for a few hours. LOL.

Maybe we'll try that one next time. ;)

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