An Apology To Tampa Hair Stylists

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how AMAZING the Dyson hair dryer is. It cut my dry time in HALF! And for $400, I expected nothing less!

Well, let's just say I was so enamored with it, I failed to listen to my sister who OWNS a hair salon in Orlando and has done hair for 20+ years! She also loves the Dyson and swears by it but warned me about using it with FULL heat and FULL intensity. There are several nozzles you can put on it and some of them make it even more intense for styling purposes...I, of course, use the most intense one.

I would call and complain to my sister after every hair appointment I had in Tampa. I would tell her about how the color was always done okay but the hair stylists here were careless. They ALWAYS broke my hair. I assumed they just weren't as experienced as my sister or were in a rush or didn't know what they were doing when working with bleach.

The breakage was getting worse and worse. I was getting so upset. What did these stylists do to my hair!?

As I was doing a blow out yesterday, it hit me. I saw another big chunk of hair break right off. It's the DYSON hair dryer!!!!!!! My sister's warning played in my head like a tornado siren! That's what's been breaking my hair. Too much heat, too much power and using the wrong nozzle!

DANG IT! I had to write this to warn anyone else out there who bought a Dyson and might be having the same 'mysterious' problem.

I'm so sorry to all the Tampa hair stylists I was secretly blaming for my hair basically falling off of my head! It was never your fault!

Now I'm at the point where I have bangs that I never even cut. It's just from the breakage.

I feel like such a bonehead! At least I know what the cause is now and I can finally start to fix it.

I still love my dyson dryer but now that I'm using it with less heat and power, I'm pretty much back to the same dry time I had before with my cheap hair dryer.

Hope this helps someone! xoxo

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