I Nailed It! Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

We just went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend so the kiddos have pumpkin on the brain!

When I saw these on Pinterest, I knew my kids would freak out over them and I could totally pull it off with minimal disaster zone area in the kitchen. It's also something I figured they could actually "help" me make. (Any parent knows all that really means is doubling your time making something) ;)

Here's what I was able to pull off! Not bad, right?

Here's the recipe screenshot from my phone... PS. I couldn't find mini-rolos so I used regular sized ones. The hardest part is finding the right mix for orange...it's a combo of red and yellow food coloring and my advice is to make it waaaay darker orange than you think it should be because once the rice krispies goes into the mixture, the color is diluted so much.

Enjoy! I even got black gel icing in a thin tube so they could put 'jack o lantern' faces on them before eating, but trust me, that photo was not something I was inclined to share. Yikes!

I leave you with a listen link to my podcast which hilariously has a title that must have you scratching your head. I'm a normal person, I swear.

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