Please Help Me Find A Loving Home

My name is Laura Diaz and I'm pleading for your help.

My Mother in law recently had a bad fall. She's 76 years old and broke 5 ribs and a shoulder. She has been staying with us for the past few weeks while she heals but eventually she plans on moving back to her home where she lives alone. She knows caring for a dog is not realistic for her anymore.

Meanwhile, I have a 6 year old daughter at home who is allergic to dogs. And although we've cared for this amazing dog at our home for a few weeks while giving poor Norah lots of allergy medication every day, we just can't keep him. My daughter's allergies are catching up to her and she's pretty much a congested, miserable mess.

Both my Mother in law AND my family are very upset about this tough decision that had to be made. But, it must be done. We need a loving home for Panda.

This is 7-year-old Panda. He's the most loving, well-behaved, smartest dog you'll ever meet. He doesn't jump up on people when they walk in. He only barks if the doorbell rings. He doesn't jump on furniture or beds and sleeps like a log on the bare floor. He won't scratch on your door at night or anything. He is potty-trained and will hold it for up to 12 hours (that's the longest we've ever had to test him and he's never had an accident)

He isn't a bother at all. He's amazing with my 3 and 6 year old kids even when they're clearly bothering him.

He's a pure bred short-haired border collie and his Dad is a service dog. Panda was in training to be a service dog but because loud noises like vacuums startle him, he couldn't graduate. But he still knows a TON of commands (attached) from his training and practically acts like a service dog with how well behaved he is. He will fetch just about anything you throw and most times will catch it mid-air. That's his favorite thing to do and bring you things that you throw.

He's microchipped and neutered. He's got a year supply of flea and heart medicine. He's got toys and we'd be happy to buy more food to get you started.

We don't know how he is with cats because I don't have any but I am sure he would be fine since he's so docile. He's about 82 lbs. But again, he doesn't jump up on you and he doesn't pull on the leash. He's a good walker.

We've got all his paperwork and then some! I attached a few pics for more reading and am happy to schedule a visit if you'd like to meet him. We're in the Tampa Palms area.

If you live further away, we can discuss meeting somewhere or I could drive as far as Orlando if it's the right fit.

My email is ... I HOPE you can help. Panda deserves the best home in the world and he's been through so much going from house to house since his Mommy got hurt.

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