Progress, Not Perfection.

Last year, as in a couple of months ago, I was pulling my son in his wagon. He was playing with my phone and he took a picture of me from behind. It was an innocent and oblivious action on his part as are most of the things he does as a 4 year old, but it was a pretty profound moment for me.

I didn't know he took the photo until later that night. When I first saw it, I was startled. Whose backside is in my photo gallery on my phone?! She was a woman much larger and less physically fit than I am.

A few milliseconds later, I realized the stranger in the photo was me. No special lighting, no clever angles, no savvy posing...just me. I was shocked. I didn't recognize my body.

I would always say to myself (as I was scarfing down an entire bag of cheetos and washing it down with diet soda) "I'll get back on it Monday." Months passed and the weight accumulated.

The problem is, I have always been an ALL or NOTHING kind of person. When I let myself go, I let myself GOOOOOOO. When I decide to stop, I go on a full blown, crazy diet that is super-restrictive and I want to punch everyone in the face at all times.

So, when I saw that picture, I knew it was time to get it back together and regroup. But this time, I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to eat healthy of course and exercise, but for the first time, my goal wasn't perfection...which had failed me 100% of the time before.

My goal this time was... progress. Nothing more, nothing less.

I wrote a blog not long ago about how I decided to 'do one thing' when I got stuck in a rut... READ IT HERE so I had to apply my own #DoOneThing rule when it came to losing weight.

If I did just ONE thing toward a healthier lifestyle, that would equate to progress and that would already accomplish my goal. Perfection is unattainable so why did I ever bother chasing it?

My first thing was meditation as you'll read in the previous blog linked above.

When I got confident with my ONE THING, I moved on to the next.

I signed up for an Orange Theory Fitness weight loss challenge. It was only 6 weeks long and I only had to go 3 times a week. I should mention I am a paid endorser on the radio for Orange Theory Fitness but they are not paying me for this post in any way.

My goal the whole time was to just FINISH IT. I wanted to win the money for the most weight lost and muscle gained, but I had to work hard to get that perfectionist spirit out of my head! I had to repeat, just FINISH IT about a thousand times a day.

I changed to a vegan diet as well. My sister and Mom have lupus and it's very helpful for them, so I figured it probably would help me too.

By the end of the 6 weeks, I didn't win the challenge...but I FINISHED IT!

I felt so damn strong! Look at those triceps! I didn't lose the 12 pounds I set out to lose of fat, but I lost 6 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle!

PROGRESS, not perfection is the best way to explain my before and after photos. Not only did I finish the challenge, but I've evolved enough to be able to post extremely UN-flattering photos without a care in the world. I still want to put my best foot forward and always try to look and feel my best, but who in the world doesn't have an inch to pinch?!

And as I head into 2020, I'm feeling positive, motivated and peaceful. For the first time, my new year's resolution isn't an absolute THIS or THAT.

It's a motto of forgiveness and always moving forward...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Can't wait to talk again on the air January 6th!

My podcast is below :)

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