Work from Home...IN STYLE!

For two months I've been broadcasting from my 'home office'. I'm not really sure calling it a 'home office' is even appropriate considering it only has 3 walls and was originally built to be a formal dining room. It's basically an empty corner in the house where the kids wrestle. It also serves as a dumping ground for toys when their own rooms are just too far to bother with.

My computer on a cheap desk was fine when all I used it for was to occasionally check emails or scroll facebook. But when the world stopped and my entire 40 hour work week revolved around this pathetic little space, it was apparent just how badly my 'home office' needed a makeover.

At one point, I was juggling broadcasting a live 4 hour long morning show, online schooling my 6 year old (it's more involved than it sounds) and giving online reading lessons to my 4 year old while also taking afternoon meetings on Microsoft Teams ALL from this sterile, unwelcoming and unorganized launch pad.

I've wanted to add a ring light for social media posts, charging cords and a little desk or charging station for the kids' tablets, but I wouldn't dare add all those cords when there's NO place to hide them at the moment. I want a nook for the kids to be able to do their work but also have their own space with me nearby. I need floating shelves and cabinets for office supplies. I need it ALL!

California Closets already came and revamped my garage like nothing I could have ever imagined and now I think it might be time to have them do my home office too. See the BEFORE AND AFTER garage blog here. Our designer, Shannon, added elements I didn't even know I needed until I got them!

There are 2 adults and 2 kids here. My home office should reflect that. Shannon would be able to add exactly what we need for our specific jobs and functions.

I've seen amazing work from California Closets with hidden wall bed options to accommodate out-of-town guests without interrupting everyday functionality of an office. I would LOVE a murphy bed of some sort! And I have the space for it, just not the designer's eye.

Check out just some of these California Closets looks below...

This one with the daybed is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT:

This one is genius! It's a garage turned into an office!

Could you IMAGINE this one being your home office????? Their Instagram Account is below:

Check out below the amazing pantry organization they can do too! How amazing would that be!?

*I am a paid advertiser for California Closets but everything written is my opinion and all very much true for me!