How I Avoid Looking Like a Dumpster Fire During Virtual Meetings

THIS IS NOT AN AD!!! I get no money from suggesting this product whatsoever!

FINALLY, I can go from bag lady to respectable employee when people see my face on Zoom or MS Teams meetings.

Pandemic life has just ruined whatever drive or motivation I had left in me to put on makeup or to do my hair. I needed to at least not look so tired and run down for the more important meetings where I have to turn on my video camera...but, I knew that no matter how nice your makeup is applied, bad lighting can ruin it all.

I finally found a product that can hold my phone in ANY direction I want because the holder stick is adjustable but not just up and down or left to right but it works kind of like a pipe bends! I wanted that! And the light is big enough but not too big to take up my whole desk. It's perfect! HERE'S THE LINK ON AMAZON. Worth the $30... There are cheaper ones but this one is worth the money!

I've used it no less than 5 times since getting it just two weeks ago! --Laura Diaz