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Summer Etiquette Tips

If you are headed to the beach this summer, going to a pool party or just plan to be around other people, this is a good refresher on how to treat others.

While plenty of people won't (or don't) think an etiquette guide to summer behavior is necessary, many will welcome it — and hope that others will follow the thoughtful advice that tends to make everyone's experience, no matter the occasion, just more pleasant overall.

Jacqueline Whitmore, a Florida-based etiquette consultant who advises corporations, groups and individuals on behavior for a wide array of situations, has strong opinions about the matter.

"Etiquette is more than knowing how to use the right knife and fork," she said. "I define it as the ‘art of knowing how to treat other people.’ It's being mindful of how your behavior affects others."

With that in mind, here are 25 do's and don'ts Whitmore shared with Fox News Digital.

These pointers aren't meant to insult anyone, of course — they're expressed in 2022 as handy and good-to-know tips for one and all.

Have you been invited to a special event, party or other occasion this summer? "Etiquette is more than knowing how to use the right knife and fork," explained Jacqueline Whitmore of Palm Beach, Florida. (iStock)

With that said — dive right in!

1. Be mindful of your music volume when others are around you. Use ear buds whenever possible.

2. Give others plenty of space. Don’t sit too close to other beachgoers. 

3. "Conversely," added Whitmore, "don’t spread out and take up too much space with your blankets, chairs, umbrellas, toys and more."

4. Don’t fling or shake out your sand-covered blanket or towel when others are nearby. 

5. Pick up your trash and take it with you — or deposit it in a nearby wastebasket.

6. Keep your young children nearby so that they don’t disrupt other people around you.

7. Don’t smoke — and not just because it's bad for you. "A downwind of cigar or cigarette smoke ruins the beach experience for those who don’t smoke," said Whitmore.

8. If you break something, report it to the owner immediately.

9. Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you. ("Yes, this is worth articulating!" said Whitmore.)

10. Tidy up at the end of your stay. This includes taking or tossing any extra food or other items you may have brought with you.

Are you staying at someone's house as a guest or short-time visitor this summer? Treat that house as if it were your own, advises an etiquette expert. That includes tidying up at the end of your stay. 

11. Turn off all the lights when you leave.

12. Observe "house" rules (if the owner has or leaves any for you to review).

13. Treat the summer house as if it were your own. (Treat everything owned by others that way.)

14. Be really clear about when you'll arrive and when you'll depart. Most people don't like surprises.

15. Don’t show up empty-handed unless the hosts tell you to do so. Bring a dish or something else to share. 

16. Bring a small gift for the host or hostess as a token of your appreciation.

17. Limit your phone use (including texting) while you're spending time at someone else's event. 

18. Don’t drink too much — and not just because you might be driving home later. Loose lips sink ships!

19. Offer to help set up and clean up. Offer a second time, too.

20. Don’t bring uninvited guests or pets to the event or party without prior permission

21. Wear proper swim attire. "I know this sounds like common sense — but it's best to leave the thong at home," said Whitmore, whose website is etiquetteexpert.com. In other words — modesty rules.

22. Refrain from splashing or diving into the pool when others are in the water.

23. Keep glass containers (and anything breakable, for that matter) out of the pool and off the pool deck.

It's best not to bring uninvited guests or pets to an event or party without seeking permission ahead of time, points out one etiquette expert.  (iStock)

24. Don’t let your kids run around the patio or pool area.

25. Don’t monopolize the pool toys and floats. Allow others to use them.

Big group happy friends runs and having fun at sunset beach

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