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Stop Robo-Calls

I am really tired of Robocalls and now there is a way to stop them.

There were more than 33 million scam robocalls made to U.S. citizens every day, according to the National Consumer Law Center and Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Those robocalls reportedly include “government imposters” pretending to work for agencies like the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service. Her statement on the task force said the imposters were committing “fraud against seniors, online shopping scams and many other schemes.” In 2021, those efforts reportedly led to $29.8 billion in financial losses to American consumers.

Also be aware of callers saying they need payments from gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency, SSA and IRS will not normally call you on the phone.

You can work to block spam calls and text messages by registering your contact information with the Do Not Call Registry.

The registry works for all 50 states and is operated by the Federal Trade Commission. You can register your information or report unwanted calls online.

3d illustration: mobile phone with robot calling.   The machine calls customers with annoying ads, dials the phone number randomly. Spambot, robocalls concept.

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