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Hot Grill Summer! Try These Seacrest-Approved Fourth of July Recipes

Happy Fourth of July! Ryan Seacrest is a big fan of the grill and we've been craving his Nana's 9-Layer Dip. While it's usually a game day football staple, the recipe comes in handy for hosting Fourth of July while grazing at the snack table.

Another option this holiday weekend? Grill your avocados like Seacrest does!

Check out the dip recipe and Sisanie's tutorial here:


    1 Can 16 oz. refried beans

    1 Cup sour cream

    1 Tbsp. taco seasoning mix

    1 Cup guacamole

    1 Cup Monterey jack cheese

    1 Cup yellow sharp cheese

    1 Cup chopped tomatoes

    1/4 Cup sweet onions

    1/4 Cup red & green peppers

    *Black olives optional*


1. Layer beans, layer sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, guacamole, & cheeses. Put in refrigerator.

2. Mix tomatoes, chopped onion & peppers. Add a dash of olive oil, red wine vinegar and cilantro. Put in refrigerator.

3. Just before serving put the tomato mixture on top.

4. Serve with LOTS of Tortilla chips!

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