How to clean up your sock drawer was your Valentine's day and long weekend? Know what I did? I organized my sock drawer LOL!!!! I know, I am such a wild and crazy girl anymore. :). Here's the thing...I was mindlessly scrolling thru TikTok and found the Folding Lady. She showed a cool way to roll your socks so they take up less space in your drawer. So you know I had to try it! Here's the funny part....I HATE socks. I love to be barefoot. But for someone who doesn't wear socks, my drawer was overfilled with them!!! I have a ton of specialty socks....Halloween socks, Christmas socks, superhero socks with capes. I know..I'm weird. We already know that tho LOL! We'll, I went to town on my socks and my drawer has never looked better! Check out the before and after below and the the tutorial on how to roll them.
If you want more, here's a link to The Folding Lady on TikTok. She shows you how to fold jeans, underwear, towels, baby clothes..... I'm now obsessed.