Google Says Obama Is Planning To Overthrow The Government

This is some conspiracy gold if I've ever heard any. If you ask the popular Google Home, the at home smart assistant device, if Obama is planning a coup, it gives an interesting answer. For those of you wondering a coup is, it is defined as: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government. 

Anyway, if you ask google home this, it says YES. Multiple people have recorded their google home giving this answer, and it's started some crazy conspiracy rumors on the internet. While this is super interesting to read and think about, it's important to investigate these things because this is how the #FakeNews starts. 

After doing a little digging, this was all cleared up. If you google the question, you can see that a shady website comes up giving the answer that Google Home spits out. The website is clearly fueling conspiracy and is far from based in any sort of fact, but because of how Google Home's algorithm works this is the answer it provides. Lesson, this is super interesting but remember not everything you get from the internet is true and is often twisted in one way or another. So this answer from google is NOT TRUE, but it's still creepy that this happens. Check out the clips below! 



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