The Imagine Gala 'A Kentucky Derby Affair'

The Imagine Gala is a Kentucky Derby themed cocktail gala hosted by the Children's Home Society of Florida to benefit Mort Elementary, a Community Partnership School. Attire is cocktail with a Kentucky Derby flair (yes to seersuckers and derby hats!). Come dance, dine on heavy hors d'oevueres, enjoy an open bar and learn how you can make a difference in the community. What is a Community Partnership School? A CPS is a "full-service," public educational institution that combines the rigorous academics of a quality school with a wide range of vital in-house services. Community schools unite the most important influences in children's lives - school, family, and community - to create one overarching support system that can be conceptualized as an interconnected triangle. This triangle includes: a strong core instructional program, enrichment activities, and a full range of physical and mental health services. They address the holistic needs of students, recognizing the unique needs and challenges students - and their families - face by offering on-site access to health care, food pantries, counseling, cultural enrichment activities, tutoring, after-school activities, mentoring, athletics, arts and music.Children at Title I schools such as Mort are 3x more likely to be abused, 7x more likely to be neglected, 5x more likely to drop out, and upon dropping out 63x more likely to be incarcerated as an adult. Each drop out costs society $292,000 over the lifetime of that adult. Help us stop this domino effect by making a positive change in the community now!

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