College Professor Lists The Things Students Do in Class!

Let's keep it 💯...we never have, and probably never will ALWAYS pay attention in class! I remember watching episodes of MTV's The Real World during some classes. This grad student teacher at the University of Michigan decided to take note of what was going on instead of studying, and share it ALL with his students one day..

As you can see, some of the things on the list:

  1. Buying $240 worth of turtlenecks
  2. Chinese rap videos
  3. Sex tapes
  4. Wolverine access
  5. Hamilton tickets
  6. Taking selfies 

HILARIOUS!!! The student teacher, Meg Veitch, studies paleontology and helps teach some classes. She told The Chronicle that she noticed students were getting digitally distracted in class, but the professor who runs the course, Brian Arbic, didn't want to ban laptops.

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