The Next Smart Household Item Is A Shaker!

Everybody here at iHeart and Mix 100.7 knows I'm a techie... or nerd, or geek --- even our very own Jaime F calls me "Geek Squad" because I pay attention to everything tech.

I've got a few "smart" things at the house... a door lock, thermostat, and some connected lights... 

But there's ONE smart item out there I don't think I'll ever need... but maybe you will?

Enter SMALT... according to Food & Wine "is the first of its kind to market and will transform an ordinary kitchen tool that people have been using for centuries into an experience for the senses." 

This salt shaker features Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from your phone or any other connected device. The Smalt also has color-changing lights that can set the mood for a romantic meal or turn your brunch into an early morning rave. Of course, it also dispenses salt.

Will you find a Smalt in the Burlander house? Probably not... I just use those cheap glass shakers from the dollar store... but hey - maybe you want to light up a picnic table at night? Or have a fancy nerd date? It could work out... you both could FALL IN LOVE over the lighting of a SALT SHAKER... 

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