10 Tampa Bay Road Projects That Will Make Your Life Easier In 2019

I don't know about you, but I feel my blood pressure go up driving here in Tampa Bay. Between bad drivers speeding along Bayshore to the traffic on I-275, I-75 and the bridges...it's amazing we keep our sanity! 

Luckily these 10 things will hopefully make our lives A LOT easier on the road here in Tampa Bay. 

1) Brandon: State Road 60 adds a lane from U.S. 301 to Falkenburg Road  

2) Pasco: New east-west options  

3) Seminole: A better solution at Park Boulevard and Starkey Road  

4) Tampa: A new northbound turn lane to Willow Avenue at Kennedy Boulevard 

5) Widening the last section of I-75 from Tampa Bay to Wildwood

6) Tarpon Springs: Reopening the Pinellas Trail overpass at Alt. U.S. 19 

7) Tampa: Flashing beacon crosswalks along Bayshore Boulevard  

8) Tampa: Improving the intersection at Howard Avenue near Fresh Kitchen

9) Largo: Adding sidewalks on Pine Street  

10) St. Pete: New stoplight at 31st Street S for those exiting I-275

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