Tampa Bride Charged $500 Just For Inquiring About Limo Charge

Newlywed Nancy Jennings is "livid" after being charged an extra $500 just for questioning a previous charge from the limousine company she used for her wedding. 

She rented the limousine and claims she was quoted $225 an hour to transport her wedding party to and from, and that she used the limousine for a little over an hour. Her bill was over $900. After reading the fine print, she discovered there were additional fees and charges. 

When she called them to ask about it, she was then charged ANOTHER $500!! The company sent her an email stating: 

"If the purchaser charges back, disputes or inquires about any charge applied by the company to their credit/debit card, purchaser authorizes a charge of $500 per transaction to be charged to their credit/debit card to cover fees, penalties and/or administration costs applied to or bared by the company."

YIKES! Moral of the story, make sure you read and understand the fine print. 

Read the full store here.

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