Shamrock & Shenanigans Weekend at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival at Mosi

Enjoy Irish Heavy Games: A warm welcome and a cracking family-friendly day out! With traditional heavy athletic events like hammer throw and the caber toss are a spectacle like no other. It all takes place against a scenic Renaissance backdrop.||Bonnie Knees Competition: In any Highland Games celebration, one of the most popular events is the Bonnie Knees contest. In this competition, a trio of ladies are selected to be judges and a number of men sign up to be the contestants.||Leprechaun Costume Contest: Erin go braugh! Everybody will be looking for your pot of gold when you show up to the costume contest in your best Leprechaun Costume! Your lucky charms won’t be needed to grab first place in the costume contest only your creativity will!|


Join us in Piper’s Valley for Tampa Bay’s largest St. Patrick’s Day party! Included with Festival ticket. Must be 21+ to attend. Music, contests, games and more! Hosted by the Bawdy Boys.

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