Lauren Alaina Shares Her Favorite Christmas Songs, Gifts, And Memories

Lauren Alaina Shares Her Favorite Christmas Songs, Gifts, And Memories

Christmas is one of Lauren Alaina's favorite holidays of the year!

The country star recently released her own rendition of the classic, "O Holy Night," which she says is one of her go-to songs when she really wants to get in the Christmas spirit. "It was my grandmother's favorite," Alaina shared in a recent interview with her record label, adding, "One of her favorites. My grandmother loved Christmas."

Alaina loves Christmas so much that she hopes to one day release a full album of holiday songs. In addition to "O Holy Night" she'd also want Mariah Carey's "Oh Santa" to be included on the project. "Surprisingly is ‘Oh Santa’ by Mariah Carey. I jam to that, girl. I mean I am crazy about that song," Alaina says.

When it comes to Alaina's favorite Christmas gift, it would have to be a bible she received with her name on it when she was little, just like the one her parents had.

“My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever been given, gosh, that’s so hard to pick, but my Mom and Dad had their names on the front of their Bibles, and I was so jealous of that as a kid," she explains.

"So, I begged my Mom to get me a Bible that had my name on it, and she actually got this Bible that you design the whole thing yourself. And she designed this Bible for me and it had my name on it and I still have it, and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever been given.”

Another favorite gift the country singer received was a Barbie bicycle. She says the gift from Santa Claus made her feel like she was in charge. "My favorite Christmas memory is when I got my Barbie bike when I was six years old, and I thought I ruled the world because it had a horn and it had Barbie's picture on it."

Alaina recently concluded her journey on Dancing With The Stars with a fourth place finish overall. "When I started this journey, I didn't know a thing about dancing, I had no idea what I was signing up for," Alaina reflects. "It has been such a rewarding experience. I have grown in every way- physically, mentally, spiritually. This show has changed me forever."

To kick off 2020, Alaina will join Blake Shelton again for the second trek of his "Friends And Heroes Tour." The tour will kick off on February 13 in Portland, Oregon and will conclude in Detroit, Michigan on March 21. Tickets to the tour are available now.

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