Halsey Stops Concert Mid-Song To Deal With Unruly Fans

Photo: Getty Images

During the first stop of their Love and Power Tour, Halsey, unfortunately, had to stop the show mid-song to remind fans to be respectful of each other. In a fan video obtained by TMZ, the singer was just 30 minutes into her set and singing "You Should Be Sad."

Suddenly, Halsey cues her band and crew to cut the music. The fans further back in the audience sound confused. The singer then keels down on stage for a while. "What's wrong?" one fan near the person recording the video. Halsey then addresses the whole audience saying, "I didn't think I was going to have to get (inaudible) until a couple days into the tour, dammit."

While it's not clear what exactly happened, Halsey took the moment to give the crowd an important reminder: "While I have you I just want to make a statement ... make a reminder, you know. I know we've been locked inside for a long time and forgot how to act like f---ing people. But everybody is here because they love the same thing you do so treat them with compassion, community." The singer continued, All of us are here because we love the same thing, hate the same thing. Because your girlfriend dragged you here, that's fine too. You love your girlfriend. I love your girlfriend. Let's talk about that later in the set. Let's try that one more time."

They went on to resume the show and start "You Should Be Sad," from the top. After the Astroworld tragedy, more musicians have been keeping an eye out when the crowd looks restless. Artists like Billie Eilish have been seen stopping their shows if there's a surge or a medical emergency.

This is Halsey's first time on tour since having to cancel the remainder of the Manic World Tour in January 2021. The Love and Power Tour will take the singer to over 25 venues across North America. For tickets and more information, click here.

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