Watch Taylor Swift Get Ready For NYU Commencement Speech

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift is excited to wear "a cap and gown for the very first time." On the morning of NYU's first in-person commencement ceremonies at Yankee Stadium since 2019, the singer took to Instagram Reels to show off her cap and gown. "see you soon NYU," Swift wrote in the caption.

Swift is delivering the commencement speech for the lucky graduates of the class of 2022. The Grammy winner will also receive an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree at the ceremony. This means the NYU graduation has become the hottest ticket in town. The New York Times talked with graduates about getting rewarded with a commencement speech from the pop star.

“This felt like a weird sign, like a reassurance that things will be OK,” NYU graduate Ms. Dhoumo told the Times. “I think her being this icon of my youth, and now being here in my adulthood, she’s coming back to me. Not to relive my childhood, but maybe to connect to my inner child a little.”

Swift superfans have reportedly been bugging graduates for tickets to their graduation. The New York Post reported that Swifties have been flooding the social media accounts of NYU students with offers as high as $550 to witness their idol give her remarks and receive an honorary degree.

The ceremonies are live-streamed on NYU's website, social media pages, and YouTube.

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