WATCH: Paraglider Gets Tangled In Own Parachute, Seconds Away From Impact

Paragliding Pilot

Photo: Getty Images

Video has gone viral of a paraglider having a near-death experience.

He was 1-2 seconds away from impact after he got tangled up in his own chute! (Watch the crazy video below)

According to the YouTube video:

Acro paragliding trick in strong turbulence went wrong. Left break line got stuck for a moment to break fully. The glider shot to the front and I fell inside. Next step in paragliding is to use your safety parachute stored in your seat/harness. In aerobatics we even use 2 or 3 extra rescue systems to save ourselves from this kind of situations. But falling into the paraglider and lines made the rescue parachute openings very difficult. The falling speed increased a lot due to the twisting wing. Very last chance was to manually open the rescue package. Estimated time (before impact) left about 1-2 seconds. This was not the day to die!


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