Chefs Share 10 Restaurant Foods You Should Never Have Delivered

Hamburger, french fries and fried chicken in takeaway containers on the wooden background. Food delivery and fast food concept

Photo: Getty Images

According to a chef, there are some foods you should never have delivered!

Some chefs shared with the ten foods they would never have delivered from a restaurant, and why. (See the list below)

  1. French Fries - they will most likely be soggy by the time they get to you
  2. Anything eggs - they can dry out or get messy on the way
  3. Nachos - won't stay crunchy, can get soggy quickly
  4. Smoothies - by the time it makes it to you, it could be warm or separated
  5. Ice Cream - for obvious reasons
  6. Anything with a breaded coating, like chicken tenders - likely to not be crunchy by the time it arrives
  7. Grilled Cheese - everything gooey you love about Grilled Cheese is likely to seize up en-route
  8. Noodle soups - they can absorb a lot of the broth on the way
  9. Salmon - residual heat can actually continue to cook it, and OVER cook it, on the way
  10. Sandwiches with creamy fillings, like Tuna Salad - by the time it gets to you, the filling will most likely have fallen thru the bread or roll

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