The World's SADDEST Tacos

Del Taco Acquired By Jack In The Box For Approximately $575 Million

Photo: Getty Images

Tacos are quite popular in our world today. They even have their own special day! TACO TUESDAY! Which served as inspiration as a great promotion idea for the MIAMI MARLINS baseball team!! A TACO TUESDAY special!! Check this out: A game ticket, 2 tacos and a beer for just $25!! What a great deal, right?? Well...what the deal doesn't tell you is that the tacos look like they are tossed together by the world's most disinterested 17 year old who's only got the job because his parents are making him!

Want to see what the WORLD'S SADDEST TACOS look like? Click the link!

Well - hey, what do you expect for $25? Right?

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