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Hi! Thanks for wanting to know a little bit more about me!

I'm the host of 'The Mix Morning Show with Laura Diaz' weekdays 6-10am on Mix 100.7

Here's some rapid fire info because I know you're busy:

  • Happily married with two young children named Norah and Nash.
  • University of Florida grad with a degree in Broadcast Journalism (Go Gators!)
  • Started my career in television as a news anchor and reporter in Monroe, Louisiana, then made the jump to Orlando.
  • In 2011, I made a career change to radio and I've never looked back!
  • Born and raised in Orlando, but Ybor City in Tampa is where my great-grandparents (on my Mom's side) settled when they emigrated to Tampa from Spain.
  • I speak Spanish (pretty darn well but not Telemundo well) and try my best to teach my children, but it’s hard when Daddy is from Kentucky and still says 'yella' instead of 'yellow'... 
  • My Puerto Rican Grandmother (Dad's side) tried her best since we were born to pass on all of the Puerto Rican traditions and recipes to us (I'm the youngest of 4) but while some things stuck, a whole lot didn't.  That's why I always say I'm an 'Americanized Latina'.  It's in my blood and I love the culture, but I don't do all the things my Abuelita did. I still get sick thinking of the time she made me eat bacalao. But, if I hear some good merengue music playing somewhere, you have to hold me down because I'm dancing!
  • I’m also a big advocate for women's issues and mental health awareness.

Email me lauradiaz@iheartmedia.com if you want to reach out for absolutely any reason at all!And of course you can always find me on social media:  Instagram | FB | Twitter