Laura & Brody

Laura & Brody

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'Prevent An Affair' 5/31/23

'Apologies in Advance' 5/26/23

Sweetest winner of the vacation today!

'That's Too Many Pics' 5/25/23

-What do you do with all your pics? -Guess My Age -Debate: Is any coffee better than no coffee? -Someone wins a vacation

'Finish What You Started' 5/24/23

-Do you make your kids finish what they started? -Song Battle: School's Out vs Cruel Summer -Why do you need a vacation? -Debate: Do you like pictures of food?

'Food Baby' 5/23/23

-Someone wins a vacation! -Laura's husband puts his foot in his mouth! -WooHOOO

'Parents: Stay or Go' 5/19/23

-Laura's daughter's birthday had a major missing element! -Ed Sheeran finish the lyrics -Song battle: Anything goes -Debate: Should parents stay at bday parties for their kids or drop them off?

'Laura's Daughter Calls In' 5//18/23

-Norah's birthday call -Plead Your Case for Ed Sheeran -Guess My Age -Debate: Is the trailer hitch on the back of a truck rude to keep on when you're not towing something?

'I Hate People' 5/17/23

-Which Ed Said -Song Battle Dance Party -Debate: Do you dodge people if you see someone you know in public?

'Trivia Tuesday' 5/16/23

-Homeschooling -Ed Sheeran Trivia Tuesday -Most memorable summer camp -Debate: Red flag if someone asks about finances on a first date?

'Mystery Monday' 5/15/23

-What Did He Just Say for Ed Sheeran tickets -Mystery Monday song battle -Debate: Should Jamie Foxx's family disclose his medical condition?