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I'm not in the business of product reviews by any means. But I thought I would share my underwhelming experience with a new teeth whitening kit I bought at my dentist office.

I've heard rave reviews about Crest White Strips from just about everyone.  They're reasonably priced (Under $40) and most people told me they saw a difference.

Normally, you'd pay $300 to get a professional teeth whitening kit from the dentist that comes with a true mold of your teeth and whitening syringes you put in them.  (I've done that too...about 15 years ago)

So when I saw this kit at my dentist's office, I was intrigued.  It was $100 so I just assumed it would be more effective than the crest white strips and since it was significantly cheaper than the high end $300 one, I thought it was a win win.

It's basically the tray teeth whitening everyone knows about but it's pre-filled with the solution and the trays are disposable and do not fit the mold of your teeth. It's called "Opalescence Go"

They're a one size fits all mold. 

There are 10 in a pack and after about 20 minutes, the mold starts to dissolve so it's time to take them out.

I mean, I guess I see a little difference...but I'm pretty sure I could've just done the crest strips and saved myself the extra money. 

The top is before I did the whitening. The middle is 3 treatments and the bottom is 7 treatments and lots of sensitivity later.... Do you see a difference?  When I asked my husband which one is the whiter set of teeth, he said the top one! 

No harm, no foul. 

I should also say there's a high probability that because my starting shade was pretty white, there wasn't much the product could do for me.  But, who needs to let facts get in the way of me being able to complain about something.


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