I Spent $400 On A Hair Dryer...

Technically, I didn't spend $400 on a hair dryer. My husband got it for me as a Christmas present, but normally, I would've made him return something like that by now. It's a HAIR DRYER for God's sake! How could anyone spend that kind of money on something that you can buy at a drugstore!? It dries hair. Does the thing convert air into gold or something?

But, I have VERY thick, hispanic hair, so I was desperate for a faster drying solution and I took a chance by keeping it.

It's been a little over a month now and here are my thoughts:

1) It's WORTH EVERY PENNY. In fact, now that I've had it, if you were to take it away, I would re-purchase it for even more. That's how incredible I think this thing is.

2) It cut my blow dry time in HALF. Yes, you read that right. HALF! What used to take me an hour, is now 30 minutes, starting from soaking wet shower hair to dry and styled, out the door hair.

3) When you start to buy other things to cut your dry time, it's time to buy a Dyson. I paid $250 for a Keratin treatment which is highly damaging to your hair and is full of toxic chemicals, but I did it because people told me it would cut my dry time. It only did by a little bit. And it left my hair pretty fragile.

4) The one warning I'd give you is to make sure to take the time to read the directions and settings. There are a few nozzles and they have specific uses. I didn't bother reading that stuff and ended up with a ridiculous hair style at one point. It also can damage your hair if you use too high of heat and too narrow of a nozzle...so just know the differences and you're GOLDEN. I'm actually getting so good at using it now that I have almost completely stopped needing to use a flat iron to finish the style...

Hope this helps if you're on the fence. You'll absolutely love it. And this is NOT A SPONSORED post by the way. I have no affiliation with Dyson whatsoever...unfortunately... (hit me up, Dyson)

Just my thoughts and wanted to share so you can benefit too!

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