"Laura's List" Is Born

Last year, around this time, I started a podcast called Face of a Feminist. It was a great outlet for me to say the things I wanted to say, but didn't have time for on the radio. I can't even tell you the amount of interesting, relevant and entertaining content most radio hosts generate each morning as part of their daily show prep that never sees the light of day because of time constraints. That's why podcasting is such an invaluable resource for us talkative types. ;)

Since moving to Tampa Bay to host a radio show of my own, I have been incredibly busy. But even dealing with a big move, pulling 12 hour days and raising 2 small children, I have missed that weekly time I used to have to 'get it all out'. As much as my incredible listeners would thank me for doing the podcast, it was just as important to me to create it.

So, as promised, I'm back at it. It won't be called Face of a Feminist anymore. We (my company and I) agreed changing the name would just be....well, easier. Too many people have too many preconceived notions about the word feminist these days and I'd much rather have people decide I'm terrible and unfunny on their own without giving them a reason to judge me before they've listened to a single word.

So I present to you... "Laura's List" ... It'll be released once a week ... Hope you like it! (After a few episodes I'll get my fancy intro music together and all that but for now...we're just gettin' her warmed up lol)

Mix Mornings with Laura Diaz

Mix Mornings with Laura Diaz

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