4 Make-Up Items I Can't Live Without

As a former TV personality, make-up was quite literally part of my job. Lots of people don't realize that until you get to the national level like NBC's Today Show or 60 minutes or something like that, local TV anchors and reporters have to do their OWN make-up and hair and wardrobe.

As a morning anchor, I was doing mine at 3 am. And you might even think, 'Well we all do our make-up in the morning, what's the big deal?'....Let me tell you what the difference is...

Imagine if you were going to be on TV for some reason. How much would you think about what you were going to wear or how you were going to do your make-up and hair. You might even take twice as long to get ready that day. Now, imagine that for every single day of the week.

Also, imagine that every few months consultants come in and basically dissect every ounce of your appearance after you've already read probably one or two emails about your make-up choice that day from a very bothered viewer who happened to find it necessary to email you to tell you that they didn't think you should wear brown eyeliner because the black is much more suited to my skin tone. That actually happened.

Needless to say, I got very good with doing my own make-up and I consider myself somewhat of an expert at this point...And now that I'm in radio, I've been able to narrow down the 4 most important pieces of make-up in order to not look like a monster in the morning.

That's it. Just 4 items are all I need now to look human.

Here are my favorites:

#1. Stila Concealer.

It's the best I've ever had and it covers even the worst of dark circles without clumping in the wrinkles.

I apply it with my finger by patting... (make up tip: always pat, never rub)

#2. Mac Studio Fix

It's a powder and foundation in one. Once you figure out your best color...you'll never look back. Mine is NC25

#3. Chanel or Stila liquid eyeliner...the pen, not brush tip.

Pictured is what NOT TO GET. These two have been the worst I've ever tried. Kat Von D and Sephora brand. SAVE yourself the money. They're both terrible.

#4. Last but not least...my mascara! Voluminous by L'oreal. I like the curved brush.

I've been using this for probably at least 10 years. It doesn't clump but still adds the color and volume you want. I would honestly buy ALL of them from every store if I heard they were ever going to stop making this.

Hope any of that helped! I love hearing about make-up products that you swear by...sometimes your next favorite one is out there just waiting for you to find it!

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