My Deodorant Experiment

Would You Give Up Anti-Perspirant For Your Health?

If you don't listen to our podcast (I embedded the episode I'm referring to below) then you missed our in-depth conversation about of all things...deodorant.

Turns out, 40% of young people don't use deodorant/anti-perspirant at all! (DETAILS ABOUT THE STUDY HERE)

Many of them believe the ingredients in anti-perspirant are dangerous and could cause breast cancer and/or Alzheimer's disease. There's also info going around that it's bad for the environment...obviously, an issue very important for young people these days. TOM'S HAS A GOOD ARTICLE ABOUT IT

Here's a picture of the active ingredient in my name brand deodorant/anti-perspirant that I've used for probably more than 15 years...

Active Ingredient: ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE! (20%)

What's even crazier is that I had no idea there was even a difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant until not too long ago. I assumed when someone said 'deodorant' that they meant anti-perspirant as well. Because I mean, come on, deodorant by itself is just a glorified fragrance stick!

But, as I was talking about the study of young people ditching the stuff, Brody told me he hasn't used anti-perspirant in more than 10 years!!! It knocked me off my chair! He stopped for the same reasons young people are stopping now. He knew aluminum was not good for our bodies and didn't want to take the risk of absorbing it into his pores.

Well, I've been working in a small studio setting with him for several months now and I can honestly say I've never smelled anything questionable coming from his side of the room so I figured I would give it a try! After we recorded our podcast and he made a pretty good point...or two, I went out and bought a 'natural deodorant' from Target.

I would like the record to state that I did NOT know Justin Bieber was the one behind this particular brand when I bought it. LOL.

It's been 3 days now of me wearing this stuff and as paranoid as I've been, I've yet to smell anything out of the ordinary. I've even kind of 'tested it' in the sense that I was out and about in the heat of the summer running errands and when I got home, it was still okay. In all fairness, I've probably re-applied it 3-4 times each day to be sure, but I didn't expect it to work this well....either that or I am not particularly smelly to begin with.

I think the biggest 'CON' I'd have to say I've had so far is that the 'natural fragrance' smells way too strong of 'naturalness'. lol.... I smell like a damn hippy! I know you can choose brands that don't use 'all natural fragrances' and that would be my suggestion. Brody uses Old Spice with all its chemical fragrance glory but it doesn't have the aluminum in it and he's great with that.

I just thought if I was gonna try this all natural route, I would do it all the way, but now I'm thinking I might opt for the regular scents. Any time you add 'sage' to your life, get ready to smell like incense.

I think moving forward, my course of action will be to find a nice smelling 'deodorant' and keep my aluminum filled one for those days I know are gonna be extra hot. As I said in the episode below...'My worst nightmare is for someone to say Laura smells.'

Have you ditched anti-perspirant? What are the best brands?

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