WARNING: The Lipstick That Never Comes Off

I was in desperate need of a red lipstick to wear that wouldn't look like stained red wine an hour after applying it. The few times a year I even wear lipstick, it always seems to come off immediately or start to creep into the fine lines above my lips...NOT a cute look by the way and also only something that started happening after I turned 30. Cool.

I found this red, inexpensive thing called an INK CRAYON by Maybelline. The promise is that it's 'Super Stay'. 24 hours I think I even read on the box. I definitely was willing to try it for a less than $10 price tag.

Guess my search will continue for the perfect red lip. The problem with this one was not that it wouldn't stay...it was that it would NOT COME OFF!

The above photo was AFTER washing my lips with soap/face wash and water. I tried to rub them with a wet towel, then a dry towel. THIS was the result. Still red.

If you're in the market for a lipstick that will last through a triathlon, I have found it for you!

The BELOW photo is my hand where I first put the lipstick on to see if it was my color. This is the NEXT DAY after I showered and scrubbed so hard that I don't know which parts were red from the lipstick and which were from blood.

Careful what you wish for! When they said SUPER stay, they absolutely were NOT falsely advertising.

In the meantime, holler at me if you know of the PERFECT red lipstick for a super fair-skinned face. It's so hard to find something that doesn't look orange or fire engine red but also doesn't make me look any paler than I already am...

Take the 'red' out of it...holler at me if you know the perfect lipstick color in general for a fair-skinned girl like me. I just never wear it because I have yet to find any color that doesn't make me look worse.

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