Does Your Kid Have "Covid Toes"?

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

A few weeks ago, my 4-year-old son had bizarre red lesions on his cute little toes. He said they hurt and itched. At first it looked almost like he scraped the top of his toes on the rough concrete on the bottom of the pool, but then the red bumps swelled up to where it could have been a wasp bite or something.

I put some band-aids on his toes and figured they'd look much better in a day or two. At the end of a week, the lesions were still there but didn't hurt him as much. I figured he must have been continuously scraping the same spot over and over in the pool for them to have lasted so long and still be so red.

That same week, my husband had a low grade fever for two days. We all felt pretty tired that week and run down but we couldn't get coronavirus tests because we didn't have 'enough symptoms' according to the hotline.

Then I read this article about 'covid toes'!!!


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