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Little Things I LOVE About My Home Office

A few years ago, California Closets turned a space in my home that was once used for a formal dining room into a home office. We already have a big space in the kitchen where there's a kitchen table with seating for 6 so there was truly no need for a second place to eat dinner and it was just collecting dust.

What I really needed was a home office and I didn't have an extra bedroom for it.

I have shared the amazing photos of the transformation before, but what I wanted to mention here this time, was just how it really comes down to the small details that I notice, appreciate and use every single day that make the difference for me.

I've seen lots of home offices before in other homes and they're all somewhat functional, but I've never seen one that looked as chic, elegant AND was as functional as mine.

Check out some of the little things that California Closets added that I just LOVE about my home office.

First, the under cabinet track lighting.

The lighting makes seeing at night SO much easier and my favorite part about it is that it's DIMMABLE! I can have it full blast or just slightly illuminating my desk when the kids are doing homework or if I'm just doing some work from home.

And there are other options for lighting too. You can do puck lighting which is like little circles and those are so sophisticated too.

The second little thing I love is the hidden outlets!

It's my pet peeve to not have enough outlets, especially in such a tech-heavy world and sometimes when home offices are put in, you are only left with the same outlets that were already on your walls (which in my opinion is never enough to begin with). California Closets ADDS to your outlet count and even hides them so you don't have to see them everywhere. In my case, they added 6 outlets! It's amazing. Here's just one and you can close the lid to hide it! I love that.

The third little thing I love is how they give you hidden places to hide your wires.

Probably my biggest pet peeve is seeing wires. Whether it's coming out of a TV or a laptop, I hate wires. Who doesn't? California Closets doesn't just cover up your wires, but they HIDE THEM entirely. Below is a picture of a black strip that is affixed behind the desk in a way that no one can see...not even you unless you get on your hands and knees and look up. Your computer cord fits neatly into the black fold and plugs into another hidden outlet. You will never see it!

Then there's how DEEP and tall the cabinets and other hidden storage areas are!

Look at how an entire computer screen fits onto this sliding shelf. You can easily access your printer for example if that's what you wanted to use it for but still hide it! It slides right back in the cubby and out of sight!

I could honestly go on and on. To me, the difference is in the details. If you're going to go to the trouble and expense of turning a space in your home into an office, why not do it right and with the all the bells and whistles. The little things have helped in so many situations and so many times over the years that I would have been kicking myself if I didn't do it right the first time.

And of course offices aren't the only transformations that California Closets does...Garages, pantries, entertainment centers, closets and so much more!

Check their IG page below and see all the beautiful jobs they've done right here in Tampa Bay or go to their website to schedule a free design consultation today! ---- Laura Diaz, One happy customer!

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